Holiday Holly Napkins

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Reasons to Love:
  • Handmade
  • Made by Autistic and Neurodiverse makers
  • Made in US

Elevate your hosting or gifting game with our set of 4 linen cocktail napkins, each measuring a dainty 6"x6". But what sets these napkins apart? They're more than just hand-embroidered works of art; they're a statement of our commitment to inclusion and empowerment. Crafted by artisans with Autism and neurological differences, these napkins support a Texas-based nonprofit initiative that champions both style and social impact. Not only will they add a chic touch to your table, but they also symbolize a world where everyone can earn competitive wages and acquire valuable job skills. These napkins aren't just for the table; they're a modern nod to purpose and progress, making them perfect for any occasion.

About the product:

Set of 4 linen, hand embroidered cocktail napkins. Each napkin measures 6"x 6". 

Each set comes in a gift box and carries the signature of the maker.