Give By Love is building a global community of conscious consumers who want to see their choices make a positive impact in their lives and on the world one transaction at a time.

Goods for good.

If you look deeper into any product on Give By Love, you will find its soul. This is because of our commitment to work with such organizations and individuals across the globe who are driven by a higher sense of purpose. Even work tirelessly with them to look at new and sustainable raw materials to reduce our environmental footprint.

Buy good. Live good.

Give by Love is a meeting ground for globally conscious artisans and consumers. It gives an opportunity to socially aware customers like you, looking for premium, lifestyle items for their homes, to buy and live better. Moreover, it opens up the world for purpose driven organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals to access newer markets and knowledge. Making them and the world even better.

Every product is a life story.

All our products are soulfully handcrafted in an environmentally conscious manner by unique artisans, weavers and crafters. No wonder, these products reflect their personal journeys as each item carries their life’s imprint. As a result, providing these artisans and entrepreneurs a meaningful and dignified livelihood that sustains into a long-term steady income.

Small change can bring big change.

For every product you fall in love with at Give by Love, for every dollar you spend here, you give exponentially back to the creator and community.

Your purchase goes into supporting an array of purposes. These include – Empowering the disabled, Poverty alleviation, Women empowerment, Environmental conservation, Rehabilitating the victims of human trafficking and refugees, Education, Elimination of race, Gender and caste-based inequalities, Minority owned businesses, Preserving ancient techniques and art forms amongst others.


Our devotion to this cause runs deep and we believe, like many of you, the time to act is now. We have already taken baby steps towards minimizing the impact of human consumption on the planet. Our aim is to start taking giant leaps by taking some audacious challenges. Our goal is to become 100% carbon neutral by 2030. Follow Fair Trade Practices and guide partners towards Fair Trade Certification. We intend to conduct our own checks at regular intervals to ensure that sustainability and environmental factors are considered at every step of production. And see if the working conditions are safe, healthy and inclusive.


There is a common virtue that binds the people behind the creation of this conscious marketplace – the many entrepreneurs, skilled artisans, and conscious thinkers who are connected by their passion for change. It’s their little bit of love that will make a whole lot of difference.

Anudeep Virdi, Founder