GIVE BY LOVE'S Marisa Cartiglia Candles

LOCATION: New Jersey, United States
AREA OF WORK: Empowering The Blind

Overcoming challenges and moving ahead

Marisa is a woman who faces every challenge head-on and doesn't let life pass her by. At the age of 20, in 1999, Marisa lost her vision due to complications from diabetes.

This sudden loss made her journey to the present day an arduous one, filled with constant change and challenges. However, she has managed to navigate life's ups and downs and become fully independent with the help of her current and retired guide dogs, Dustin and Patience. Both dogs are her babies and bring immense joy to her life.

Marisa enjoys various outdoor activities, such as fishing and walking. She also loves to travel, try new things, and play the guitar and the piano. Her crazy side motivates her to try anything once.

As a person with visual impairments, many of Marisa's senses are heightened. While this can have its drawbacks, she tries to take advantage of the positive aspects of this situation.

Marisa loves pleasant smells, she enjoys fragrances and lighting up a candle to unwind herself and fill a room with a familiar scent that almost feels like a hug.

It gives her the comfort and assurance that she needs. Her nose is her superpower, she can identify fragrance notes from a distance and knows what scents would go well with each other. She feels that she is now ready to use this superpower of hers to start a new chapter in her life.


Give By Love’s Marisa Cartiglia line are chemical free and eco friendly candles that have been crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. They are made with high-quality ingredients and have been hand poured with scents selected by Marisa. Marisa hopes to offer her customers the same level of contentment that she experiences via these candles and hopes that this would let them enjoy the simple things in life and celebrate each day.

Give By Love is proud to launch the Marisa Cartiglia line of candles as she serves as an inspiration to all those who know her. Her positive attitude and determination to overcome challenges is a testament to the human spirit. By supporting the Marisa Cartiglia line of candles, customers not only get to enjoy a high-quality product but also get to be a part of Marisa's journey.


Free OF Harmful Chemicals

Hand Poured

Sustainably Crafted


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