LOCATION: California, United States
AREA OF WORK: Skill based employment for autistic individuals

It all began when some of our soldiers in training started receiving handmade care packages. There was something about these packages that touched all their hearts and they started looking forward to the next package eagerly, curious to know the one behind these special deliveries?Her name is Siri, and she is special. Siri was diagnosed with Autism at age 3 and went through the therapies at an early age and completed her school through special ed at age 22. Siri was minimal in communication skills but that never came in her way of achieving what she has at such an early age. Creating care packages was her first foray into organizing and making things. Her fast learning and the ability to pick any skill taught to her in simple, clear, and small steps is her strength.

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With time, she turned to jewelry making and this is where she found her calling. She started making jewelry in large quantities like bracelets, necklaces, key chains, wine glass rings, coasters, and masks. Her creations were displayed at Helpers Bazaar in San Francisco where she found a plethora of buyers. Seeing the potential in their child and her craft, her parents set up Designs by Siri to support her entrepreneurial and creative needs and to channel and support her talent. Siri is a fast and efficient worker and ended up creating so many items that her parents didn’t have any choice but start a business for her.

Soon, Siri’s story started featuring in American TV channels and magazines like Autism Parenting. Today, her talent is admired by professionals, and she stands as an inspiration to many. Designs By Siri has grown into something bigger now. It has become an ideology that encourages people with autism and other developmental disabilities to develop skills to be creative and use those skills to be productive members of society. Currently, the organization engages other autistic individuals who create beautiful bracelets and home goods and don’t let autism come in the way of generating a sustainable income. In a cottage industry way, Designs by Siri provides an outlet to their creative and professional calling in an environment of understanding and inclusion. We had this program of training others before but not anymore as we could not afford to pay the people to work. Right now, Siri is transitioning to her own place. She is working on her own and managing her online business.Give By Love and Designs By Siri share a common vision to work with organizations and individuals who despite challenges are determined to not give up and make an impact in the community and beyond.

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