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In a diverse, populated area like Hudson County, there are just so many people who have succeeded in making their names known across different genres of work and philanthropy. With the series we started earlier this year, The Hoboken Girl is back once again with a monthly roundup of local people our readers should keep an eye on in July 2023. From fashion app creators to fitness instructors to hard-working mamas and bakers – there is truly no limit surrounding these hardworking Hudson County locals on what they can do (or create). Read on for our list of 10 people to have on your radar for July 2023.


Anudeep Virdi | Founder of Give By Love

Jersey City resident, Anudeep Virdi moved to the United States from New Delhi. Being an immigrant and a mom, she finds that Jersey City offers that warm embrace and acceptance of different cultures that make people want to reside here. Anudeep spent a large part of her childhood in India and some in the UK. This exposure at an early age made her realize the socio-economic differences between the lives of people and the opportunities available in different parts of the world. During Covid, Anudeep finally decided she wanted to do more and started conceptualizing Give By Love more as a passion project, which was then shaped up and launched in Aug 2023.

She explains that her vision for this project is for “Give By Love to be the first platform that brings the conscious consumer and purpose-driven makers and organizations together.” With Give By Love, Anudeep has created local community-based events called MAKERS + STORIES. She tells HG, “The idea behind these is that every handmade product has a story, and each maker is that story.”

Anudeep’s favorite local spots: 10th Street Pizza, Jersey City Art School, Ragini’s Kitchen

Follow Anudeep’s journey + Give By Love on Instagram via @letsgivebylove and the website here